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Christopher Di Lascia, Pharm.D.

I have worked with iFlair for over two years on a variety of website and software projects.  Jinal Shah and his iFlair team are highly responsive to my needs.  Projects are consistently delivered within tight timeframes and at very competitive prices.  I credit iFlair as one of the reasons my business has been successful.

Damien Butler

Our online store needed re-configuring after a new server and platform change. We had used iFlair in the past and found their work excellent. We decided to call on them again to restore our online store to working order. In our opinion they went above and beyond our expectations and got to work without any fuss. They kept us updated daily and got the job finished in minimal time. We found their rates to be excellent and I can only say that their level of professionalism and expertises are top notch. I highly recommend them.

Dr. John Minardi

The entire team at are top notch. I have used their services for two independent websites, and I am extremely pleased with both websites. They were very creative and came up with websites that were not only visually pleasing, but extremely user friendly. They were patient with any concerns that I had throughout the process, and made any changes that were needed promptly and professionally. I will certainly use them again in the future, and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Frederick Habbe

We have been working with iFlair since 2008 and have found them to be technically very competent and very reliable. It is a pleasure working with the firm. We have no hesitation in recommending iFlair.


iFlair was instrumental in building the first version of in 2006 and 2007. Working with Jinal and his team was a pleasure and a very positive business experience. Since Portfolio together, has grown significantly and attracted the interest of many key stakeholders. We look forward to working with Jinal and his team again in the future.

James Sellers

We came across iFlair when trying to find developers to make amends to one of our client’s Moodle portal. Finding reviews for the company was difficult, so we were unsure of what to expect. I am pleased to say that we were delighted with the service that they offered, being flexible and efficient with everything we threw at them in terms of updates and changes. The project was completed within timescales promised. We look forward to giving iFlair more work in the future.

Jim Treloar

We have been working with iFlair for nearly two years now and have been very impressed with their professionalism and with the quality of their work.  We have had them develop a very complex student management system with many changes and improvements along the way and have asked them to develop two other websites for us since then.  Without ever having met them face to face we have been able to work as closely with them as we would our neighbor.  They have been able to attend to every detail with precision and have provided us with high quality websites.  We highly recommend their work.

Joe W. Brown

My name is Joe and I live in KY, USA..  I came across iFlair and Jinal on the internet several months ago.  I had started building my site with Word Press using a local firm here in the USA.  I was being charged xxx dollars plus per hour, the work was never as I had asked for, and it seemed no one cared much about my business.  After discovering iFlair I noticed that the fees were very fair so I decided to give it a try.  I couldn't be more pleased.  It was night and day.  I was never ignored and never treated like I should be grateful for the help.  I was treated like an important customer, always got responses very quickly, and the work is outstanding.  If you have any doubts just look at my site.  The folks at iFlair are the best, and if you don't give them a try your missing the boat.

Julian Mattia

I had a great experience working with Iflair. Iflair is a very innovative, professional, and customer friendly. They did a wonderful job on my site and are always willing to help me with my website needs. The have a great team that is willing to enhance or start your business website for you. I highly recommend Iflair for your website needs.

Kent Laws

I am an experienced web marketeer and in my role as a marketing consultant have overseen the construction of hundreds of sites on behalf of my clients and dealt with a great many web developers in the UK. However when it came to building my own portfolio of sites I needed to keep costs down, but still required first class quality. I came across iflair and with some trepidation (me being in the UK and iflair based in India)I briefed them on my project. I need not have worried at all. iflair deliver perfect service and exceptional understanding of what we are trying to achieve. I've still not met Jinal, Viral or Hasyarekha but we have a fabulous working relationship and I am very much looking forward to continuing working with this outstanding company.

Neil Curran

Blue Cirrus employed the services of iFlair to redesign our WordPress-based website but retain some of the original copy and imagery. The iFlair team were very professional from the start. The management team handled our initial enquiries and quickly understood our requirements. The project was then managed closely from start to finish with the final results being delivered by highly skilled experts in our required area of website design. The project was also completed on time and within budget – a rare achievement nowadays! We were extremely impressed with the quality of service provided by iFlair and we will have no hesitation in using their services again

Norman Paulk, Publisher

During the development of my website, I worked with three different companies.  Combined programming exceeded 450 hours.  While competent, the first two in the United States were expensive and hard to schedule time for my various requests.  iFlair solved two of my problems.  The charges were in line with my budget and the programmers, using Word Press and Buddy Press, worked within my time constraints. Every new venture has a learning curve.  We learned how to deal with the twelve hour time difference between India and the Pacific NW.  We communicated by email and when necessary, by phone conference calls.  I maintained a worksheet of items that needed to be done.  iFlair then responded with things that were finished.  After reviewing the work on the iFlair website, I would give the green light to transfer the work to my live site.  Our association was satisfying.

Okocha Uchechukwu

We at Afrevo are excited to be associated with Iflair, we consider them partners. There are numerous reasons we would recommend Iflair, some of which include but not limited to, their skill - they are pretty good, their understanding of what you have in mind, their payment schedule, their project management strategies, and their customer service. Really for us, the most interesting thing is that we can work together from long distance and still achieve excellent results. We would recommend Iflair any day

Sanjeev C. Patel

We have been very pleased with the service provided by iFlair.  We started with a small project and are now comfortable having entire websites built by them.  The team are hardworking, punctual and work to a budget.  In fact, our relationship has grown further and they are now our partner web design company for several clients. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Shawn H

We’re a website design firm, so our primary focus is on the design and service aspects of our business. It has been great to have iFlair in our back pocket for development and Flash work. While we try to do the development on our own that we can, having the staffing and expertise of iFlair available for our needs takes our entire business up a notch.   I can’t wait to have another client needing Flash work so we can show our client what we (ok, iFlair) can do.

Dylan Fox

iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair. The team at iFlair makes your project their own and you don’t need to hold their hand while they work on your project, they can “figure things out” which is a crucial skill for outsourced technical teams. All of your inquiries are responded to almost immediately, and they are always willing to put in the extra time and extra work to make sure your project is successful and delivered on time.

Melody Beentjes

iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service - in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality, reliability, explanations and availability. They are really professional, yet also very personable. I will definitely be using them again.


Please do pass on my gratitude and appreciation on to your exceptional team, I work with on a day to day basis and to the design team that worked so hard on my projects. They have done an outstanding job in following my instructions and suggesting designs that far exceeded what I had imagined. I could not have done this project without you and your team. Everyone has been patient and worked hard to make the project fit within my timeline and budget. I sincerely appreciate all your team's hard work and look forward to continuing to work with and recommending iFlair to others!

Alex May

Working with iFlair has been a revelation! After working with other Indian companies and found all of them negligent and highly disappointing I am so glad to have found them. They are dedicated, focused, communicative and deliver in time. For me iFlair is a valuable gem that I was fortunately enough to find. Certainly worth a recommendation!